THX Hemp Fitted Cloth Diaper

Rs. 975.00

Cover baby's bottom in all-natural and absorbent hemp and cotton fibers.

This very well made diaper has TWO absorbent, snap-in inserts (one long/one short) -perfect for customizing day or night use. The Long insert measures 19 inches*3 inches. The short insert measures 10 inches*3 inches.

This is a very natural, hypoallergenic option for babies with a tendency towards diaper rash due to man made fibers. Hemp also contains antibacterial qualities and is the most absorbent natural fiber known. Great for heavy wetters, day or night!!!

3x3 Snaps for a long diaper life and adjustable sizing/OS fits 7-30 lbs.

Made of 55% Hemp and 45% Organic Cotton.

Fitted Diapers require a diaper cover to make it leak proof.

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