Easy Feel Bamboo Velour Fitted Cloth Diaper

Rs. 650.00

Outer: Bamboo Velour (natural & breathable, no lamination). Composition is bamboo fiber 55%, Cotton 23%, Polyester 22%.

Inner: Soft bamboo cotton fleece. Composition is bamboo fiber 70%, Cotton 30%.

Insert: One Layer of microfiber sandwiched between 2 layers of bamboo fleece.

One set consists of One Diaper + 2 Inserts. Total 8 layers of absorbency.

You can customize the absorbency with the 2 inserts. Extra insert can also be used for more absorbency. This fitted can work as a great night time diapering solution.

Cover baby's bottom in all-natural and absorbent bamboo and cotton fibers. This is a very natural, hypoallergenic option for babies with a tendency towards diaper rash due to man made fibers. Bamboo also contains antibacterial qualities and is the most absorbent natural fiber known. Fitted cloth diaper requires a diaper cover to make it leak proof.

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