About us

Easy Feel Products has been started by Shikha Nitansh Garg, a mom passionate about protecting baby from hazards of over-exposure to toxic chemicals, and preserving the health of environment as well. Easy Feel Products is one of the first Indian cloth diapering brands to start retailing from leading online E-com portals, and also the pioneer in the launch of Indian Prefolds (a type of cloth diaper) comparative to international brands like Osocozy. We strive to refresh our collection without ever compromising on the quality front, because our main obligation lies with the babies who are the main users of our products and we believe, babies deserve the best!

Shikha Nitansh Garg, often called the Encyclopedia of Modern Cloth Diapering in ever-expanding Indian cloth diapering community, is always abreast with latest research and new inventions. Easy Feel Products is constantly coming up with new varieties in eco-friendly, international – quality reasonably priced products. It has become a pioneer not only in the MCD arena of India but also in the field of sustainable menstruation – a revolutionary means to protect the environment and take care of womanly hygiene and health.

Shikha shares her inspiration for starting Easy Feel - My baby is my inspiration. It was after I became a mom, that I realized how delicate babies are, and was overwhelmed by the kind of responsibility that us moms have, in ensuring their best interests at all times. Motherhood opened my eyes towards sustainable alternatives for the environment, because it is our responsibility to leave a cleaner, greener earth for our future generation.

We always strive to ensure comfort of babies and moms at all times. Keeping in mind the need of changing times, nuclear family set ups, and moms' often having to handle housework and caring for baby single-handedly, even simultaneously, we tried to make life a bit easier for modern urban parents. We ventured into the world of babywearing - wearing your babies in safe, ergonomic, comfortable baby carriers, and having both hands free at all times to do whatever you need to do, while having baby safely close to you! Indian moms are gradually becoming aware of the advantages of babywearing, not only as a lifestyle solution but the benefits to the baby as well. We have seen many moms, in their zeal to babywear, buying non-ergonomic carriers and risking the safety of the babies and facing back aches themselves. It was then that we decided to come up with our own line of Soft structure carriers, at a price affordable for the common man yet not compromising on the design and quality. All the carriers are handmade with lots of love and care by my own mom and her team of tailors. And thus the Easy Feel SSCs happened… designed under a grandma’s loving care and brought to you by a mom who understands the needs of the urban mothers in India.

We are a family-run cloth diapering and baby carriers company, operating from Gurgaon, India. We are a believers of breastfeeding, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, attachment parenting and babywearing!!!



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