About Our Preschool Carriers

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Our Preschool size carriers are truly unique. They are the first carrier designed for wearing larger children for long periods of time. They are more than just the taller body panels seen on other preschool or toddler carriers. 


The panel width is 21", making it the widest panel on the market currently. The panel height is 22", making it also the tallest panel on the market currently.

The panel is designed to wrap around your child when tighten properly, essentially giving them one big hug. This provides physical support and emotional comfort. 

Your comfort matters as well. The structured waistband helps evenly distribute your child's weight onto your hips and lower body, taking the pressure off your spine and shoulders. This helps make long-term carrier snuggles possible. 

The lightly padded shoulder straps eliminate pressure points on your shoulders. And can adjusted two ways---length wise and at base with the Perfect Fit Adjusters to make a truly custom fit your body. 

All of our carriers are handmade from organic, breathable and study fabrics with the greatest care. 

The quality is in the name. Our carriers are meant to make carrying a child easy and feel great.  


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